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Site Acquisition

We have many years of experience in greenfield construction, including property management and construction. We will help you navigate all the permitting and regulatory hurdles. We can be the point of contact for any manage mobile carriers wishing to build cell sites on your property.

RF Designs

Top engineers will design specifically for your use case. We will give options and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Network Implementation - Optimization

We have experience implementing first time networks as well as replacing existing networks.

Life Cycle

Let us help you plan your path to the future, updating hardware and software only when necessary and only what is necessary.

Indoor Public Safety

During an emergency, our systems allow first responders to communicate anywhere inside a building. Our systems bring an outside emergency broadcast radio signal to the inside of the building, allowing amplification and distribution of that signal, saving time and lives.

Digital DAS Systems

Our unique, innovative, and proven systems enable indoor/outdoor high-bandwidth wireless connectivity in your facility and on your property.

Architecture & Engineering Service

We will advise and direct in areas such as IOT, 5G, secure data, and user experience.

Alarm & Network Monitoring

We provide indoor/outdoor high-bandwidth wireless visibility for all your devices and can provide periodic performance reporting and ticketing for any issues that arise. We can also offer custom dashboards to monitor your alarms and networks.

Indoor / Outdoor Private Networks

We design, build, and maintain indoor/outdoor private cellular networks that enable business efficiency and automation. Our networks achieve the same connectivity as the wireless operators, giving our end client the coverage, speed, and security capabilities needed in today’s ever-changing world.