About EDS Global

EDS Global LLC is a defense consultancy firm in the United States who contracts with companies like Peak Industries, NewJ and others to export products used globally in various applications such as emergency rescue, security, border protection, and military defense.

We export advanced telecommunication and defense technology products as “Portable Cell Towers, Infinite Connections”.

With the help of our partners, our customized international packages provide safety, security and progress. Where your telecommunications connectivity ends, we begin.


EDSG can provide you with surveillance systems to reduce incoming threats from land, air, sea and even underwater. This provides a valuable security layer, benefiting both national security agencies and the general population.


Our applications extend beyond connectivity, including improving access to banking services, healthcare and enhancing educational opportunities, which can lead to improved economic development.

Mission Statement

"To empower countries worldwide through cutting-edge technology solutions. We are committed to providing reliable connectivity, while enhancing national security with early threat detection, and fostering economic growth. We believe in a connected world where no one is left behind."

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