We've got you covered for all types of implementations.

The NewJ Motto

Anytime, Anywhere

Our unique approach to the communication sector allows us to deploy virtually anywhere, enhancing the lives of everyone, everywhere.

DAS Networks - Systems

Our unique innovative and proven systems bring outside signals to the inside of the building providing high-bandwidth wireless connectivity for multiple device coverage in all buildings, on all floors, including parking lot areas. We do this in cooperation with the major wireless operators

Public Safety Communications

During an emergency, communication is vital for Fire, Law and Medical personnel. Our systems allow first responders to communicate with their team inside a building by receiving the external emergency broadcast signal and amplifying that signal to the inside of the building. Our proven solutions will provide full penetration in all areas including stairwells, elevators, basements, and other heavily shielded areas

Private Networks

We design, build, and maintain indoor private networks independent from commercial mobile carriers. This service is for corporations that are unable to obtain data speed or capacity they need on a commercial mobile network, and that do not want their data flowing through a commercial mobile provider. It is also for corporations that want their own private network for their corporate needs (IOT, high data usage) and contractors. This will provide faster response times, faster downloads, control of services, and control of analytical data.