New J motto: Anytime, Anywhere! Our unique approach to the communication sector allows us to deploy virtually anywhere, enhancing the lives of everyone, everywhere!

Enhance your communication and connectivity with New J

New J, LLC. is a Washington based company that specializes in complete design, deployment, operation, and management of in-building and outdoor cellular networks. New J was formed in late 2021 by Jerry Newman, Shawn Goettsche, and Ben Ealey.

New J is a unique family owned and operated company that is led by a team with over 40 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and cellular industry.

With our diverse experience, knowledge, and passion, we can solve today’s complex communication and connectivity issues utilizing our cost effective, energy efficient, innovative, and creative systems.

Our combined experience and our partnerships with Peak Industries and CoreNOC is what truly sets New J apart from the rest. New J, Peak Industries, and CoreNOC brought the world’s first full turnkey solution for boosting wireless connectivity. Our proven turnkey business model removes the complexity. New J provides the design, deployment, implementation, and operations as a bundled package. It has become our goal and focus to not only connect our country’s rural communities to better health, education, and safety, but to connect everyone, everywhere. Call us today and allow our experts to get you started on the path to a smarter solution for a better tomorrow.


With over 200 years of combined experience and our unique approach to the communication sector, we can overcome any obstacle which allows us to deploy virtually anywhere, enhancing the lives of everyone, everywhere!

Mobile Network Operator Relationships

Our relationships with the mobile network operators make us the ideal choice for implementation of seamless solutions.

World Wide Services

Our cost effective, innovative, and proven systems have been deployed in areas around the world where connectivity was considered hopeless and too expensive, contact us today to find out how we can do the same for you.